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Right from the beginning we work to create a sense of business reality. These Hotel Operation modules combine basic organizational and business disciplines with Management knowledge and skills.


This is one of the most important modules of the course. It is the prime area where communication and relationship with the guest begins. Front Office department allocates and manages the Reservation of Rooms, arrival, reception, billing and departure of Guests, in close liaison with the House Keeping  . The Itinerary of most in house guests are charted out by the Front Office. To emphasize the importance of Front Office in technical jargon, it is often referred to as the “ Nerve Centre “ of the Hotel. Students are taught the technicalities involving the above mentioned procedures as well as the highest level of Customer service practiced in any industry, which form an enthralling subject of study.










This is also a key module of the course, introducing the students to the concept of Operating and managing the Rooms Division of a Hotel. It elucidates planning of accommodation, interior decoration, room and guest supplies management, laundering, upkeep of the entire hotel and it’s public areas like lobby, swimming pool, gardens and all other five star facilities. This module imbibes techniques and procedures of maintenance and upkeep of the Hotel, The sheen and luminescence of the property. It takes students through a network of operations and emphasizes the interlinking of House Keeping with other departments. If Front Office is the Nerve Centre of the Hotel than the House Keeping is the Back Bone of a Hotel. Both together make up the “Rooms Division”.



F & B Service is taught as an essential component of professional hospitality. The spectrum covers basic functional and operative methods of Food & Beverage Service in the highest  standards of aristocratic “ Fine Dining “ environment. Students are taught in depth about Food Service in Formal Restaurant, informal Coffee Shops, Room Service, Outdoor Catering, Function Catering, Event Management. The topic also covers the etiquettes and protocol of State Banqueting. Beverage Service teaches all about the Bar, including the service of Wines and other all popular Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Beverages. The wines of the World form an interesting topic along with their production methods. Cocktails and the Art of Mixology is another interesting topic. Plating Presentation and Service of Food and Beverage forms the key area of study. Salesmanship and Guest Service are coupled with Management Skills.










This module introduces you to the enchanting world of “Culinary Arts” and “Gastronomy”. It begins by introducing you to the foundation of cookery and production methods of various popular international Food and Beverages. The range covers all the essentials related to food: knowledge of ingredients, methods of cooking, use of equipments, beautification and presentation of food, preservation techniques, menu planning and overall kitchen management. This module exists as a core one and remains a serious subject of study throughout the period of study. Students are taken through the basics in the first year and to the advanced level in the 3rd year including Quantity food cooking, Garde Manger, Commissary only to name a few.

BAKERY & CONFECTONERY - This is an important part of the Kitchen department. It includes baking of different and various types of Bread, cookies and pies, gateaux and sweets, covering a range of dressing, topping and icing.

The objective is to acquire advanced knowledge of professional competency in areas of expertise as mentioned above.




This acts as a support system for the study of Food as the study on the subject is incomplete without the knowledge of Nutritional aspects of Food. In this modern age people are both conscious and cautious of what they eat. Balanced nutritious diets and healthy planned meal sessions are in vogue. This module deliberates the elements involved in Food Preperation and the nutritional and dietary significance of Food and Beverage Menu planning and Management.




Another important component of the course, opens up your perception towards the importance of cleanliness and Hygiene through HACCP standards. Food Production and Food Service are those areas where one has to be extremely cautious in maintaining a high standard of Sanitation and Hygiene, as Food is extremely vulnerable to contamination and spoilage, leading to Food Poisoning. This topic is taught in details with real life Case studies in the industry.




In the era of Technology, this is a mandatory core competency area. There is an urgent need to be proficient in computing. Computers and relevant software’s are used in every department of Hotels for online reservation, billing, inventory, availability of rooms, security, finance, HR etc. Students are acquainted with Popular Hotel Management Systems ( HMS ) like INCOSTEL and Property Management Soft wares ( PMS ) like FEDELIOS AND MICROS. This curriculum makes you understand the significance of computers in the industry and facilitates the students to have a through grounding in computer concepts, fundamentals and operational packages.







In an area of interaction with the corporate, the elite and the eminent, it is an asset to be equipped with a high Degree of communicative prowess; hence proficiency in English is a must. It is a versatile language and training in Hospitality will be  incomplete without a powerful mastery over this language. This module equips and chisels the students for communicative and expressive purposes which are a must in the Hospitality Profession. Soft Skills prepares and develops the students audio visual presentation, group discussion and interview skills.




From the Basics of Tourism and its concepts to the functions of Tourism. Travel Geography, Destination Management, studies on Culture and Heritage, Forex rules and Regulations, International Travel Documentation, and Laws. It provides you with an in depth knowledge of the Tourism world as it is today and tomorrow.







Hotel & Tourism is a labour intensive industry hence for the efficient management and quality controls of any unit it is very important to understand the labour laws and have the best HR policies and practices for the retention of efficient skilled staff. This area also deals with the Training and Development activities from the grass root level till the Highest level.




In this competitive business world it is very important to have a very sound knowledge of Sales and Marketing as without this the Hotel will not have it’s competitive edge over its competitors. The business is brought in by the Sales team when the Marketing team leaves no stone unturned for Publicity and Promotional activities. The multi million Dollars spent in the projects are to be converted in profits. Hence without the assistance of Sales & Marketing this will remain a distant dream.





This module throws an insight into the background to the business aspect of a Hotel. Apart from the functional expertise, many a mandatory and statutory Legalities and standard procedures need to be complied with. Laws relating to Food, pollution control, environment audit etc, need to be addressed. Study on Safety and Security procedures as well as Insurances. HR Laws are taught.





The importance of Engineering which is an important infrastructure providing department of a multi facility Hotel cannot be side lined, from the project to the proper functioning of a Hotel, this department constitutes the Facilities Management and works in tandem with the House Keeping Department. Students are taught the basis concepts of Engineering and General Maintenance. This will help the students to understand the principles behind the functioning and utility of all modern equipments in the industry.





This module takes the students through the essentials of accounting necessary for understanding elementary transaction in the books of Accounts, ledgers and journals. This consists of fundamental and functional accounting which prepare the students for a more comprehensive management of Finance.





French language has been synonymous with the study of International Cuisine. It is important for a through understanding of various technical names and culinary terms of classical French cuisine. It is important for all Hotel Management students to be acquainted with this language. It covers a comprehensive range from the use and composition of the Language to the oral communicative skills development in French.





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